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[Image] our HIIT coach is a big hearted person, he shared this after our workout today.

Get Motivated!

Flat earth rapper BoB releases Neil deGrasse Tyson diss track

Sadly, this is not The Onion.

PsBattle: Politicians faces

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The biggest solar system ever found is very, very big

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An onion forces you to cry over it’s dead body.

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What are your endgame goals?

<!– SC_OFF –><div class="md"><p>As title says, what are your endgame goals, and why are you going for that goal? Edit: I never put a goal myself, but I&#39;m an 18 y/o male going on holiday in 24 weeks, so I&#39;m working hard to get a good body.</p> </div><!– SC_ON –> submitted by Fitness

I’ve been dating a homeless girl

<!– SC_OFF –><div class="md"><p>So I&#39;ve been dating this homeless girl. </p> <p>Things are getting pretty serious. </p> <p>She asked me to move out with her.</p> </div><!– SC_ON –> submitted by Jokes: Get Your Funny On!

Pizza with Capicola, Sausage, Red Onion, and Basil


DIY Jacket


Help! Calling any/all Moby Dick scholars (amateur or otherwise)

<!– SC_OFF –><div class="md"><p>So this may be the wrong subreddit but I&#39;m organizing a show for my university. It is a group of musicians who will perform a one to two hour live &quot;soundtrack&quot; to Herman Melville&#39;s &#39;Moby Dick.&#39; </p> <p>I am asking assistance in finding 20 or so quotes that, when heard in order, … Read More