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PsBattle: Do you even Putin bro

PsBattle: Do you even Putin bro submitted by mk152
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Do Saturn’s rings rotate? If so, do all the rings rotate at the same speed?

submitted by BlackMacGyver [link] [8 comments] /r/space: news, articles, images, and discussion

Nobody would believe Jesus, even if he did come back. We’d all just assume he’s a crack fiend suffering from hallucinations, substance abuse and mental illness.

submitted by MarkAssBitch [link] [10 comments] Showerthoughts

What’s the best way to add reps to chin-ups?

I am trying to be able to do 10 consecutive chin-ups. I can only do 5. Is it better to do regular chin-ups and just try to get more reps or to do assisted ones and lowering the assisted weight? submitted by Yasuragi [link] [2 comments] Fitness

Hell no!

Woman goes to get crotchless panties to make husband happy, on his arrival from work she throws her leg up on the arm of the couch and ask " Honey you want some of this?!" He says " Hell no look what it's done, done to your panties!" submitted by TaterBug69 [link] [4 comments] Jokes: … Read More

Made the my nest drunks. Burgers &vodka – Album on Imgur

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Making a plastic TIE Fighter toy fly

submitted by woodpiece [link] [2 comments] DIY

[Request] Website that tells you how long it would take to read a book

Hello, I am trying to find the website that will have you take a reading test and then you can pick the book you want to read and it will show you the word count and approx. how long it will take you to read that book. I can't find it anywhere on google and … Read More

LPT: If you are having trouble concentrating or staying focused while studying, try pacing back and forth while you study.

This has always helped me during prolonged periods of studying/homework. Being able to walk around relieves some of the restlessness while making it more difficult to get distracted. submitted by DaddysPeePee [link] [2 comments] Life Pro Tips

If you keep saying Saudi Arabia is like ISIS, you might get sued

submitted by obamalover20122 [link] [12 comments] atheism